Deck Staining Services

Deck Staining and Deck Refinishing Services gives a finished look to an otherwise incomplete-looking deck.  Decks can be stained with a solid or semi-transparent stain to provide either a uniform or wood-grained look.  Deck stain protects your deck from wood rot and lessens the ability of mold and mildew to collect on deck surfaces, making decks less slippery during damp or wet times of day.

Preparing Surfaces for Deck Staining in Mid-Michigan

Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing A DeckPaintMaster Painting starts it’s Deck Stainingprocess by pressure washing all deck surfaces to be stained. Horizontal surfaces receive a heavy wash, while less-weathered vertical surfaces, such as spindles, receive a lighter wash. Washing the deck with a nozzle that is too narrow or bringing the nozzle too close to the deck will gouge the wood and raise the grain. Wood scarring from homeowner-performed pressure-wash jobs can be seen for years after, which is why a homeowner should never power wash a deck by himself/ herself.

If necessary, trisodium phosphate (TSP) will be applied to help remove stubborn mildew. TSP is a mildewcide detergent that is safe to use around plants and animals.

Scraping & Sanding

After pressure washing is complete and the deck has dried, the deck can be scraped to remove any peeling solid stain.  Decks previously stained with true semi-transparent stain do not require scraping.  Most solid stain peels like string cheese and will come off slowly, but easily with a long-handled scraper.  If the coating on your deck is peeling in large chunks or sheets, your deck may have been painted, not stained, and may require sanding and chemical stripping.

Stain Application

Staining a DeckStain may be brushed and rolled or sprayed.  The majority of decks stained by PaintMaster are brushed and rolled.  Generally, this is because spraying decks requires more prep time than just brushing and rolling a deck.

Number of Coats

Two coats are applied to horizontal surfaces, and one coat is applied to vertical surfaces.  The lifetime of vertical coatings usually long-exceeds the life of horizontal coatings due to standing snow, standing water, and direct sunlight.

Moisture Considerations When Staining Decks

PaintMaster Painting takes great care to stain your deck under the right conditions.  We’ll never stain a deck that is wet to the touch.  With that said, all wood naturally contains moisture, and we’ll take care to measure the moisture content of your deck before proceeding if conditions outside are wet or moist.

Other Items

Communication During the Job

During the job, you’ll be able to communicate directly with the crew foreman.  The foreman is the point of contact for the customer and can provide the most timely and effective response to customer questions.

A Disclaimer

The processes described above are what we will typically do, but will vary depending on the specifics of your job.  For a full description of the processes we will undertake for your job, please refer to your proposal.