Cabinet Painting Services

Cabinet Refinishing Services is an up-and-coming trend these days, and Cabinet Painting is more cost effective than replacing entire sets of cabinets. We see many customers opt for painted cabinets over cabinets with a traditional, semi-transparent stained appearance.

Our Cabinet Painting Services Process

  1. Cabinet PaintingDoors are removed from hinges.
  2. Existing hardware (handles) is removed from doors.
  3. Doors are transported off-site to be painted in our shop.
  4. Doors are full-primed on both sides to prevent tanins in the wood from leaking through.
  5. 2-3 top coats of paint are applied, depending on the color.  A hard, Acrylic-Alkyd-based paint is used, in order to provide a scratch and ding-resistant coating.
  6. Cabinet doors and drawers are sprayed and non-removable cabinet areas are foam rolled, to provide a smooth, even finish.  In unoccupied homes, or homes where there is a second kitchen, PaintMaster may choose to seal off the kitchen and spray the built-in areas in place.
  7. Once dry, doors and drawers are re-installed along with existing hardware.  PaintMaster can install new hardware on doors and drawers, provided that the screw holes are aligned properly, and do not require the drilling of new holes.
  8. Non-stick pads are applied to the backs of cabinets doors to prevent the freshly-painted cabinet doors from sticking shut.

Communication During the Job

During the job, you’ll be able to communicate directly with the crew foreman.  The foreman is the point of contact for the customer and can provide the most timely and effective response to customer questions.

A Disclaimer

The processes described above are what we will typically do, but will vary depending on the specifics of your job.  For a full description of the processes we will undertake for your job, please refer to your proposal.